Tuesday Ride: 10th March 2015

The cafe formerly known as The Pine Shop, Charlwood

A glorious sunny day but many of the regulars were not able to enjoy it. Four of us set off behind Sandra dropping Frank at Chaldon and taking a lovely country route out across Reigate Common, Leigh to Charlwood and the Pine Shop. Its changed its name, thrown out the Pine but I can’t remember the new name. The good news is that it now boasts a cyclist filling menu …

Cyclist's Menu

Meike and John T had been lying in wait for us. John’s beloved Pearson was in the boot and he challenged us to part of the road home. Here an exclusive picture of John T breaking from the Pelaton with Sandra in desperate pursuit. Hmmm he must be on Lance Armstrong butties!

Chasing John T

A pleasant ride up the gorgeous Lonesome Lane then skirting Reigate and Redhill then down the A23 through Coulsdon. About 39 miles.