Thursday Ride: 29th September 2016


A great ride today with Tina falling by the wayside with a puncture and not feeling too well. Once Tina went off to Westerham I was then ‘tail end Charlie’. Shame we had to miss my favourite Beddlestead Lane climb to make up time.

I concentrated on keeping my cadence high in low gears up hills and Yoga deep breathing to keep in touch. Hill down to café had some tight wet bends and managed not do a Barry crash.

Very nice café albeit my glazed sugary doughnut did not seem to give me a sugar low as you predicted. Must have been protected by my earlier porridge and banana for breakfast. John Turnball was in good form. I told him about the North Downs cycle shop owner, Colvin’s, near death experience when he crashed in Titsey Estate wood on his mountain bike, severely hurt his hip and a piece for wood penetrated his windpipe! A jogger asked him did he know he had a hole in his neck. Still got the piece of wood. Spent 3 days in East Surrey hospital and with crutches is recovering and keeping the shop operational. I knew about Colvin’ experience as I visited him last Friday week to buy a new inner tube, lubricant and gear shift adjusted. Gear changes today went like clockwork..

Superb country Lanes to Ide Hill that was not too bad and then ride down to A25 was exciting.

Lost you when I was ahead at Pilgrims Way junction with Clarks Lane where I went straight on and you turned right! As I came up the end steep part of Rectory Lane and saw you all pass up the hill. I never even managed to catch sight of you up the main hill or along Limpsfield Road to Warlingham Esso garage where I got my paper at about 2.50 pm.



Selsdon Man

PS New saddle you recommended arrived today! Next ride it will on my Geoffrey Butler.

PPS What happened to Dave Gordon on his Ribble today?