Sunday Ride 8th Jan 2012

Tom Vaz and I took a direct route, via Headley Common and Little Switzerland, to the tea stop at Denbies. We waited a few minutes until the rest of the club’s riders appeared. By the time I had my camera focused for that David Bailey moment, they had passed me by. But I did get a great picture of someone’s rear end. But whose?
Please do put your guesses in the Comments box below, at least that will prove that at least some of your read my literary works!








But Tom saved the day with a full frontal.

Denbies have not yet realised that there is a credit crunch on, so after a relaxing 45 minutes of social chatter, with purses and pockets empty it was decide by pecuniary consent to forgo the pub lunch stop at Newdigate.  Instead we headed, via Pixham to Brockham, taking the old coach road which leads from the A25, passes through the golf course to come out by the  little bridge over the stream in Tanners Hill.

More backsides and a touch of rough stuff on the old coach road!

I doubt that the others realised, that over on their left and standing against an escarpment overlooking the River Mole, were the ruinous remains of  Betchworth Castle. This was originally an 11th century (Norman) earthwork fortress, founded by Richard fitz Gilbert. Later, in 1377, Sir John Fitzalan, Marshal of England, further fortified it as a stone built castle. Now alas it is just a ruin.

In case you are confused, Betchworth Castle is at Brockham, so from Brockham we now cycled on to Betchworth!
As we approached the short sharp climb of Trumpet Hill which leads up to Reigate Common, Ewa and I were as usual in les lanternes rouges position.  Here, I heard some one greeting Ewa by name.  In my bike mirror a saw a roady in anonymous dark clothing.  As he streaked past I caught a glimpse of a long forgotten (but now remembered!) face, Mark Hancock.
Circa 1990 Mark was a member of the Anerley, a competitive member who rode time trials in our club colours, and who although no longer riding with us, does read our web site jottings.  

So hello Mark!  Was that a new bike that Santa brought? It was certainly not the one you rode in the 1990s. Different colour, alloy not steel, etc.  Whilst you have not forgotten the lovely Ewa, I doubt that you remember me!  So just in case our paths should cross on another Sunday ride, this is what my rear end looked like today as you sped by!  La lanterne rouge, a la gauche.

So that’s it for another week, except for those who are joining the Tuesday Ride.  See you 10 0’clock at Tesco, Purley, for a ride  to Annie’s at Leatherhead.  

3 thoughts on “Sunday Ride 8th Jan 2012

  • January 12, 2012 at 9:16 pm

    was nice to see you all on sunday,yes i do remember you des,the bike is a carbon fibre spieclized i have had five years it looks new because it was rebuilt this winter new wheels,tyres,brooks saddle,headset,and bottom bracket.i ride this route quite a lot,the first time i rode up the climb we where on back in 1990 i had a new daccordi at the time probably the most expensive bike in the club ,i could not make it up the climb with my lowest gear 42 by 21 and had to walk the last couple of yards,much to keith herberts amusement,he made fun of me for weeks after that.

  • January 13, 2012 at 11:36 am

    Hi Mark,
    I mentioned to John Turnbull that we had seen you as you sped by and he recalled that in days past you had an expensive Italian bike. Lots of new bits for your latest bike, so you must obviously still be getting the miles in! So what is your main riding interest now? Still time trialing or are you into the latest rage, sportives? Box Hill is now awash with shiny and expensive bikes of the new breed of sportive riders and boy racers. Every time we go up and over Ranmore Common there is always an organised bike event going on. Still all this activity must be good for our sport.

  • January 14, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    yes sportives are good for cycling but i do find some of the younger riders seem to be a bit anti social no body seems to say hello anymore and sometimes riders pass you and then sit up for a chat with there mate when i am training,even a well known croydon club with colours similar to ours seem to have some riders who.. think they are better than they are and dont speak when you ride near them,in my book it costs nothing to be far myself i have kept cycling all these years,but also spent five years with my son seb doing a martial art called tang sou dao,we both reached black belt level in 2006,now riding more 100 miles a week training for the beach to beach ride for asthma uk in may,say hello to john for me hope he is riding soon.


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