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Saturday Ride: 25th January 2020

The Fab Eight do the Wandle Way via Abbey Road.

Eight of us met at Shurguard for a dry but chilly trip along the Wandle Way to check out a new Tea stop, Arthur’s Cafe at Earlsfield and we weren’t disappointed.

The Wandle Way was full of aquatic birds, Mallards, Coots, Moorhens, Egyptian Geese and even an Egret. Bob tells us you can occasionally spot a Kingfisher along the route.

There was no ice but we still managed three unplanned dismounts. First Stuart, then Roger and finally Mick. All blamed pilot error.

Arthur’s cafe is definitely to be recommended, Good food, fair prices, clean and tidy decor and only a few minutes off the Wandle Way. Mick and Pete chose the excellently priced Egg Mayonnaise sandwich at £3.75 only to find that for 75p more they could have had a full English breakfast wrap including egg, sausage and bacon as spotted by bargain hunting Scotsman George

This was our flatest ride for a long time with a total elevation gain of 80 feet. 29 miles at a leisurely and slightly muddy 8.5 mph