Peter in Finland

I cycle and walk occasionally with a group of friends from my old industry. We decided to go to Finland fatbiking to celebrate Rachel’s 50th. We added on a few days in Helsinki at the start. The biggest attraction is “Finland  Castle” which is actually a group of islands close to Helsinki, with a massive complex of 18th century and also Napoleonic era fortifications. (See photos above). Helsinki is a very pleasant city, which became gradually quieter as the C crisis developed.

After a few days we flew up to Kajaani, half way up Finland, and then went about 150 km to an outdoor centre a couple of km away from the Russian border.

Since then we had an introductory day with fatbiking and snowshoe walking, followed by 3 more days of fatbiking. See photos below.

The scenery is amazing. The peace and quiet is calming. I can’t think of anywhere better to be during all this madness.

Sadly, we may have to cut our holiday short due to the deteriorating travel situation.

Hope to see you all soon, individually of course.