No I am not referring to Alcoholics Anonymous, you don’t have to give up your pint at the lunch stop on our Sunday bike rides. I am just reminding you of the Anerley Audax ride on Saturday 8 Oct!
I note that although I advised the date of Sat 8 Oct in my original e-mail, the date did not appear in the previous “News” posting on this web site.
I am also sure that you do not need reminding that we have to alter our clocks when British Winter Time starts on 30 Oct. So this might be your last chance to get a good bike ride in before the dark nights set in!
For details of the ride, and down loadable entry forms, click on the original web site posting at
Ricky has raised a point which may have caused confusion with others. The down loadable Audax entry form has a pre-printed ride date of 31 Oct 2009, whereas we intend to ride it on 8 Oct 2010. Don’t worry about the date. This particular ride is a “permanent” event which means that it can be ridden on any day of our choice. So if for example it is pouring with rain on 8 Oct, we can ride it on another day of our choosing.
Note the “comments” box below, this is for any queries that you might have. I will also use it to advise of further news and updates for this ride. So please do check it out!

Don’t delay sign up today.

6 thoughts on “JOIN THE AA

  • Can I make this ride into a century ride?
    Yes that is easy, just cycle down to Edinbridge to join the ride and then cycle back from Edinbridge after the ride. That extends the ride into a 100 mile – a century – ride.
    However I am not a glutton for punishment and intend to start and finish at Edinbridge!

  • what time are you planning to start the ride?

  • Suggest we meet at Edinbridge Leisure Centre for a departure on the ride, not later than 9.30.
    There is free parking at the Leisure Centre for those going to the start by car.
    For those who want to cycle down to Edinbridge, the cafe in the Leisure Centre opens at 8.30. This gives time for a cuppa before we set off on the Audax ride.
    Suggest we all meet up in the cafe.

  • I have at last received the AAA Milne route card. Hope that others who have entered for the ride have also received theirs. If not, it should be arriving soon!
    It would be useful for those who will be doing the ride next Saturday to let me know, and how they intend to get to the start at Edinbridge, (cycle down, train, car).
    We can then ensure that we all meet up and do not leave anyone behind!
    P.S. I wont be out this Sunday as it is the Cubs/Scouts monthly church parade.
    Dib, dib dib, etc!

  • Latest updates:
    Hi Jeremy,
    Understand that you and Ricky are both riding and going down to Edenbridge together by car.
    We will meet you at the cafe by the swimming pool in the Leisure Centre.
    The cafe opens at 8.30 and car parking is free in the Leisure Centre car park.
    Tom Vaz and myself aim to be at the cafe for 9 o’clock. We are going down by car.
    When everyone else has arrived we can set off on the ride, so hopefully we can all be on the road by say 9.15.
    We can wait until 9.30 at the latest if someone has a problem, or is delayed (or needs a cuppa!).
    I have not heard from Louise, does any one know what she is doing? I expect that she may decide to cycle down to Edenbridge?
    I understand that Julia and Tom are also riding, but again do not know whether they intend to go by car to Edenbridge, are cycle there.

    From Louise,
    I’m happy to cycle down there if anyone wants to join me, otherwise I might just take the lazy option and go by car! I’ll aim to be there in time for a cuppa beforehand. Do let me know if anyone wants to ride down with me though.

    Hello Louise,
    I saw Brian Penny yesterday and he is interested in doing the ride. It is his intention to cycle down to Edenbridge and back. He was enquiring if anyone else was doing likewise. I mentioned you, so perhaps you two would like to liaise.


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