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2022 Awards Addendum – Palmam Qui Meruit Ferat

Our Club motto can be translated from Latin as ‘Let whoever earns the palm (reward), bear it’ – referencing the Roman custom of awarding a palm branch to a victorious gladiator. Although we are not gladiators of old, we still have many road warriors who deserve and get shiny recognition for the ability to ride further or faster than anyone else.

What about the rest of the members though? Some enjoy going to all the various teastops and maybe deserve medals for the amount of “scram” or “nosebag” they tuck away. Others deserve a medal for introducing this delightful new vocabulary to describe the “so-so” grub at a café but sadly no, these worthies remain unrecognised by the awards committee although we are grateful for their company.

Dr. Travis Bradberry recently published an article titled ‘11 Habits of Supremely Happy People’ which showcases what is great about the Anerley Bicycle Club. Some of the habits of happy people are said to include:

  • They slow down to appreciate life’s little pleasures. We certainly appear to enjoy ourselves as we go up hills – judging by the lack of pace!
  • They exercise. Yup, no argument there, maybe too much exercise sometimes.
  • They spend money on other people.  Well who has not bought their spouse a bike?
  • They surround themselves with the right people. We rightly call ourselves “The Friendly Club”, which attracts the right kind of happy people.
  • They help others. Just look at how eager some people are to fix your puncture!