Anerley Open 50 mile Time Trial

OPEN 50 Miles Time Trial
(Promoted For and On Behalf of Cycling Time Trials under Their Rules & Regulations)
In Conjunction with the V.T.T.A. Surrey/Sussex Group Championship
And qualifying for the R.T.T.C. British Best All Rounder Competition
And Southern Counties Cycling Union Best All Rounder Competition
On Course G50/53 Sunday 7 August 2011

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Result Sheet

Full results PDF here

First Steve Dennis East Grinstead C C 1.45.20 £25.00
Second Rupert Burbidge Redhill C C 1.50.00 £20.00
Third David Pollard In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp 1.51.14 £15.00
Fourth Iain Brogden Eastbourne Rovers C C 1.52.08 £10.00
Fifth James Stuart Norwood Paragon C C 1.53.03 £8.00

1st Vet on Std Mel Roberton Worthing Excelsior CC +41.50 (2.00.47) £25.00
2nd Vet on Std David Pollard In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp +40.52 (1.51.14) £20.00
3rd Vet on Std Steve Dennis East Grinstead CC +40.08 (1.45.20) £15.00
4th Vet on Std Douglas Fox Crawley Wheelers +37.36 (1.55.39) £10.00
5th Vet on Std Ron Keeble 34 Nomads C C +36.50 (2.08.13) £8.00

1st Lady Deborah Percival 34 Nomads C C 2.11.45 £15.00
2nd Lady Elizabeth Brama Brighton Phoenix Tri 2.14.34 £10.00

1st Team Lewes Wanderers C C 6.00.28 £10.00 each
Rob Pelham 1.56.45 Robert Rollings 1.59.58 Neil Midgley 2.03.45

2nd Team Eastbourne Rovers C C 6.00.46 £8.00 each
Iain Brogden 1.52.08 Peter Moon 2.03.50 Geoff Smith 2.04.48

Veterans Time Trial Association – Surrey / Sussex Group

Aldershot Cup and VTTA Medal
Mel Roberton Worthing Excelsior CC +41.50 (2.00.47)

1st Team VTTA Medals
Eastbourne Rovers C C +1.06.25
Geoff Smith +35.26 (2.04.48) Peter Moon +23.48 (2.03.50)
Andrew Stobbart +7.11 (2.20.27)

And finally the credits.


Timekeepers Lesley Donington (Clarence Wheelers)
Frank Cubis (Kingston Phoenix Road Club)
Recorder Bob Donington (Clarence Wheelers)
Number spotter Don Glover (Old Portlians CC)
Signing on Steward Jan Tully (ABC)
Pusher Off Yours Truly (ABC)
Checkers Marek Glowinski (VC Londres) Charlie Ayson (34 Nomads CC)
Maureen Herbert (ABC) John Dadson (ABC)
Marshals Jeremy Hammond (ABC) Stuart Grove (ABC)
Frances Percival (34 Nomads CC) Geraldine Glowinski (VC Londres)
Tony Alston (34 Nomads CC) Jan Sommerfeld (34 Nomads CC)
Eamonn Croke (ABC) Brian Penny (ABC) Keith Herbert (ABC)
Yoshi Sekido (ABC)
Steve Avely, Norman Saxby, Martin Aldridge, Eddie Jenvey
Tommy Dimmock and John Copplestone representing the
Surrey / Sussex Veterans
Result Board Yours Truly (ABC)
Tea & Cakes Meike Turnbull (ABC) Jennifer Marks (Norwood Paragon CC)
Jan Tully (ABC)
Course Signs Don Glover (Old Portlians CC) Yours Truly (ABC)
Photography Colin Derrick (South Eastern RC)

The pictures that Colin took can be viewed here shortly and if you want a memento, send me an email and I will sort it out, somehow.


I’m afraid it’s the same old story, despite heroic performances from the ensemble, the leading man defeats all comers with consummate ease.

Joking apart, Steve Dennis, had an outstanding ride in difficult conditions with a rising wind but it was also impressive that the first fifteen riders all finished in under two hours.

Mel Roberton took the honours in the Veterans competition which was well justified as he had been narrowly pipped at the post in the last two Anerley 50’s.

Likewise Debbie Percival improved on her second place, last year, in the Ladies competition to take the crown this year.

And finally the Team prize went to Lewes Wanderers who beat Eastbourne Rovers
into second place by a massive 18 seconds.


So that’s it, congratulations to ALL the competitors and thank you for entering and an even bigger THANK YOU to all the officials without whose selfless cooperation it would have been impossible to stage this production