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Friday 23rd August 2019

Style Edition





"If one had but a single glance to give the world, one should gaze on Istanbul." - Alphonse de Lamartine



And Instanbul gazes on Tim & Sally. This piccie popped into my inbox Tuesday lunchtime with the message:

"After 11 weeks, 3050 miles and 14 countries we have made it from Carshalton to Istanbul! It's been a great trip with lots of variety. Full report on our return."


Doesn't look like a speed machine does it? Look a little closer and you will spot two chainwheels to give a massive top gear. Not exactlt 0-60 in 6 secs but to maintain a steady speed of 174 mph. Yep this is the fastest bicycle in the known universe.

Last week Neil Campbell was pulled along a runway by a Porsche, then released to go through a timing gate. Next year he is hoping for 220 mph. And yes - he does wear a helmet plus some cool armoured gear




Club Treasurer and Stylists is putting out a call for club kit orders. If you have short sleeves the in only a month or so you will be needing long sleeves. If you havee long sleeves then a natty gilet will keep the winter frost at bay.

For all enquiries, orders and prices email George now. You have his address 'cos he sent all members an email a couple of days ago announcing ....



The Club meeting is now on 18th September 2019 and not the 11th September as previously advertised. The time remains the same, 8-9.30, and the venue is yet to be confirmed.

Fran apologies for any inconvenience this change of dates may have caused only a club meet without the captain isn't really a club meet at all.



Saturday 17th August: Horne Golf Club for tea. The Wattenden Arms for Christmas?

Sunday 18th August: Relaxed Ride into History with Des:

Sunday 18th August: Speedy Ride into Rain with strawberries (or not):

Tuesday 20th August: Biggest turnout of the year head out to Hilden Golf Academy at Hildenborough - Des reports:

Thursday 22nd August: Speedy zoomed off as normal but the relaxed division cantered up Botley Hill to mee Central London CTC and ride with them to Lingfield and almost Horley:



Saturday 24th August: Meet Shurguard / 501 Brighton Road 9.00am or 9.20 Coulsdon PO. We're heading to Polesden Lacey, a favourite route to a great CafĂ© and the forecast is sunshine! Out via Chipstead valley, Kingswood, Epsom Downs and Leatherhead. Back Via Boxhill, Kingswood, Chipstead Valley to pub stop at the Smuggler's Inn Coulsdon. About 45 miles 

Sunday 25th August: Meet Shurguard/501 Brighton Road at 09:00: Mark is leading to Lullingstone Country Park, 55 miles 

Bank Holiday Monday 26th August: The '70' Ride:
 Shurguard  8am for 70 mile ride to Selsey. For those wanting a later shorter ride take the train to Horsham for the final 40 miles. Pick-up around 11am. The 10:23 from East Croydon arriving 10:57 might be the best train. Return by train from Chichester. Let me know (reply to this email) if you are joining us down the line.

Bring plenty of water - it's going to be a hot one!

This is to celebrate all those club riders who have made 70 years. Young whippersnappers are also very welcome to help recreate this photo of over a century ago. It's outside a Selsey pub - but which one?
Tuesday 27th August:  Shurguard/501 Brighton Road. Rides to Tanhouse Farm
09:30 Early Leader: Tom V
10:00 Steady Leader: Sue D
10:00 Relaxed Leader: Des D

Thursday 29th August: Meet Shurguard at 10:00 am. 
Destination: tba 



This from TomTom. I'm presuming it is the Puddledock Lane down from Toys Hill towards Chartwell. Surprisingly there are at least two others around South London.

Keep 'em coming!



Do you ride through central Croydon? Do you ride when there is a breeze?

You wil have experienced the ghastly 'funelling'  effect of the existing skyscrapers that increases and reverses wind direction without indication. A real danger when potholes and pedestrians are hazards you are trying to avoid. The bad news is more are coming. The Croydon Advertiser has a nice piece on them here:

Up in central London they are just beginning to grasp the problem and try and do something about it. That's for future projects - nowt can be done with the existing piles that will be there for our lifetime. The Grauniad has a nice article on how they plan o avoid repition:

Ask your local councillor if they will demand the same studies for us.



Another Cycling event starting this Sunday 25th. Nothing particulary interesting but if you need a new trackpump or gloves for autumn here it is:

Happy Cycling