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Friday 18th January 2019
Rules Edition



“Cope or die.” ― Joan Bauer, Rules of the Road



Have you had his hand on the shoulder? Titus is the man in charge of the Met Cycling Squad. Yep there is a part of the Met that love us and have practical concern for our safety. The close passing initiatives are a very welcome if all too limited operation. Find out more from their Twitter feed:

Some of us know Titus as a member of the Fridays (Friday Night Ride to the Coast) and the occasion a few years back in the early hours cycling through the war zones of Balham & Tooting to see a couple Police Constables attempting to take young men into custody and not doing too well. Off his bike shot Titus together with a few of his mates from the squad to the surprise of uniform and the young lads. Titus & Co very efficiently 'normalised' the situation to the applause and cheers of about 70 of us onlookers as we rolled up behind.

Titus is a big lad. His favourite off-duty bike? A Brompton. An elephant sitting on a mouse is the image. but he did well in the Brompton World Championships a few years back. So, whatever you are riding - he will catch you!



Staying with law enforcement - this frightening Reliant Robin was spotted in Lower Sydenham on the return from the Sunday Ride. It's got three wheels, not much of an engine - well its 0-6 mph is probably slower than Tom's eBrompton but its got style so it could qualify.

Maybe TomTom when he gets better might commandeer it to bring up and protect the rear and cheer us on through those speakers!


More protection. Spotted on DaveGo's head this Tuesday. Brilliant!


Many readers will be aware of a recent issue between two club members that started within the Instagram Group. The President and Committee now trust that we are on the way to a reconciliation and the matter can be put behind us.

This newsletter always signs off 'Happy Cycling' because that's what we do - we value camaraderie even above records and trophies. Banter is a part of the club culture and can both be fun and an excellent way of letting off steam. But banter relies on both the giver and receiver seeing it as such. If, for any reason, the receiver feels uncomfortable - it is no longer banter. Stop, retreat, re-friend.

The President has asked that we all be reminded of the Club Rule about not upsetting each other. This applies as much to interaction on social media as on a ride. Let us not be troubled about this again please and have to go further.

Rule 13 That if the conduct of any member be inconsistent with the character and interest of the club, or obnoxious to the other members, the committee shall have the power, upon the complaint being laid before it and after thoroughly investigating the matter, to expel that member provided a two­-thirds majority is reached. Should a member be expelled he or she shall forfeit all interests in the club and shall not be eligible for re­election at any future date.

And for good measure when there is an issue on or before a ride Rule 14 applies:

Rule 14. That all members obey the Captain or Vice-­Captain during runs, meets etc.

This might be a good time to refresh ourselves of the other rules we undertook to follow when we joined the club. If you can't find your Club Handbook - the 2003 edition is online, the rules haven't changed (nor the records I think) and can be found and downloaded here:



Just a few to wet your appetite...


Sunday's ride was rudely interrupted by a man attempting to stop us as we took our regular route through Kingswood Warren. He disputed that despite having used the route regulary for more years than anyone can remember - we did not have right of way.

Will we be able to ride our regular route again or will we be forced to ride the more dangerous roads round? Reads Tom's account of the position so far:



Rides means prizes and it's just THREE weeks until the Club Dinner.

6:30 for 7pm Saturday 9th February at the United Reform Church Hall, Purley.

Bring your own drinks, partner and raffle prize (sadly the latter two cannot be combined). New members especially welcome. The cost is a subsidised £20 per head. A great place to meet your friends in mufti and watch the great gong show. You might even get one!

NB CHANGE: Reservations to Viv or reply here with any dietary information. Money on the night to George.



Mark has got 17 of the minumum 22 riders signed up for the group riding skill training session at Herne Hill Velodrome on Tuesday 5th March at 11:30 until 13:30. It's £15 a head. Check last week's Bugle for more info.

Reservations to Mark. Pay on the day to George.



Saturday 12th January: Three do Henfold Lakes and take a new alcohol free route back avoiding Shepherds Hill:

Sunday 13th January: Mark meets a stranger and prevails. We all overcome an impassable barrier to Bocketts Farm and Mark goes flat on the front:


Tuesday 15th January: Two rides for the price of one. Tom goes to fairyland and loses Frank twice. Tina joins the crash club on the not so direct way road to Reigate Priory:



Saturday 19th January:  CANCELLED - too cold

Sunday 20th January: Meet Shurguard/501 Brighton Road at 09:30: Mark will be leading to Claremont Estate, Esher for lunch 11.30, Pub stop optional, back in Purley 15:00

Tuesday 22nd January: 09:30 Shurguard/501 Brighton Road: Tom fast to Denbies
Tuesday 22nd January: 10:00 Shurguard/501 Brighton Road: Peter R relaxed to Denbies

Thursday 24thth January: Meet Shurguard at 10:00 am. Tim S steps in. Itinery:
Destination: Wimbledon Common, Windmill Cafe
Distance: 30 miles (Possibility of extension to Richmond Park + 9miles)
Not going via Coulsdon Post Office
Some use of reasonable tracks. Flat route
Outward leg (15 miles, 24 miles if including Richmond Park);
Purley, Sutton, Paths through to The Hamptons and Motspur Park, Raynes Park, Wimbledon Village, Wimbledon Common
Home Leg (15 miles);
Wimbledon Common, Wimbledon Park, Earlsfield, Wandle Trail through Colliers Wood & Morden Hall Park back to Carshalton and Purley (or where ever home is)



No relation and I must insist and I don't do drugs - well apart from the odd strong steroid prescribed by my GP that sent me flying up hills three years back. I'm not 90 despite appearances, and I don't have a world record in anything. And neither now does Carl Grove.

He has been stripped of his sprint record for testing positive for epitrenbolone. He thinks contaminated meat he had eaten was reponsible. And they do stuff food full of stimulants in the US.

He is determined to come back and seize the 90-95 sprint record and doesn't he look the man to do it ...

More here on the story:

Happy Cycling!