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Friday 30th August 2019

Selsey Special





"I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky" - John Masefield



The Selsey Seven who made it to the true home of the Anerley? This is taken outside The Fisherman's Joy - known to be a haunt of the Club's 1909 expedition. It has the same door/window/side extension as in their iconic photo. 

Somehow I doubt this shot will be gracing the pages of the Bugle in 110 years time (that's 2129 to those without sufficient fingers). By then, of course, we may have 'flying bicycles'. Till then ... this memory of 1909:

The 1909 photo was always attributed to the nearby 'Crown Inn' but as our photo incorporationg our missing seventh rider shows the configuation of windows and door doesn't fit:

Seven too many? Well if we have to whittle it down to one - then it has to be THE ONE & ONLY ONE of the group who was brave enough to made it into the sea at Selsey Bill:



Karen left her bike on the beach but if you want to be a bit more adventuousthis adjustment to your steed may be useful (and trade in the tweed suit for a pair of Frank's budgiesmuglling lookalikes).

Unfortunately the Cyclomer(geddit?) launched in Paris in 1932 was the world’s first amphibious bicycle but didn't work because although it could float it had no traction in water.

Here is where we were in 2015 developed by Ebrahim Hemmatnia for his voyage around the world. OK its strictly not a bicycle - but then again once your in water the number don't count. Keeping dry does!

More on Ebrahim Hemmatnia here:



Croydon likes to talk big when it comes to cycling infrastructure at the same time it takes out bike lanes to provide more carparking. As for that lauded bicycle hub opposite East Croydon station. Well that disappeared 'cos skyscrapers are more important.

Then there was the fiasco over the collapsing cycle parking structure. Here are own Austen Cooper is interviewd by the Croydon Advertiser back in 2017:

East Croydon is an important hub on London's transport system. As is Utrecht in Holland. In contrast they have just open the world's largest bikepark. 12,500 in a multistorey building. Watch this movie and at your heart out:



Secretary Fran writes:

Don't forget to keep the evening of 18th September free for our Anerley meeting. We will start at 8pm and if you get there a bit early you can have a cuppa, and be sociable with other members. The meeting will be held in the United Reformed Church in Purley, our usual venue. A reminder that if you have any issues you wish to discuss, email me by replying to this email under the heading 'Anerley Club Meeting 2'.

Hope to see you all there.



Saturday 24th August: Polesden Lacey for tea - then skiing up Box Hill!

Sunday 18th August: Relaxed ride road tags one of our riders on the way to Dormansland:

Monday 26th August: Bank Holiday's 70s ride to Selsey. A quick stop-off in Tenerife?

Tuesday 27th August: Sue collects waifs and strays on her steady ride to and from Tanhouse Farm:



Saturday 31st August: Meet Shurguard / 501 Brighton Road NB EARLIER TIME OF 8AM. Karen leads to Eastbourne with return by train and with an optional early bail out point at Uckfield (also train return). We're promised a scenic route with tea and lunch stops planned. The weather is looking ideal - sunny but not too hot, so everyone is welcome to join us. Eastbourne 70 miles Uckfield approx 40 miles.

Sunday 1st September: Meet Shurguard/501 Brighton Road at 09:00: Tom V is leading to Tablehurst Farm, Forest Row.

Tuesday 3rd September:  Shurguard/501 Brighton Road. Rides to Charlwood
The Street Tea Room

09:30 Early Leader: Tim S
10:00 Steady Leader: Peter R
10:00 Relaxed Leader: Des D

Thursday 5th September: Meet Shurguard at 10:00 am. 
Destination: tba 


Sunday 8th September: Meet Shurguard/501 Brighton Road: Tom V is leading his awayday to Rye and Hastings. Meet up at Tonbridge (leaving after tea stop 11am) or Shurguard at 8am. 75 miles from Purley or 50 miles from Tonbridge at a conversational pace. Lunch in the beautiful town of Rye. Home by train from Hastings.



This from Des and the amazing Eggpie Lane. The finest downhill experience off The Weald

Keep 'em coming!



A couple of weeks ago we featured the oldest bike shop in the world - our very own Pearsons in Sutton.

This week - another vintage bicycle shop - Blue Door Bicycles of Crystal Palace and little over a stones throw from Anerley. Blue Door  is likely to close after only 97 years of service to the community and probably a good number of our AnerleyBC members over the past century.

The bad news broken by the Guardian as part of a nationwide article on how some small independents are struggling to survive in the decimated retail market - and their closure's impact on the community and future for the environment.

Shop announcement:

Guardian article:


Happy Cycling