The Bugle | Blast 444

Friday 3rd July 2020
Final Weekly Edition



“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” - Andy Warhol




The Bugle has been delivered weekly to your mailbox for nearly nine years. It started as a simple reminder of website updates (see first edition below). The Bugle grew to cover items of general interest after the passing of Jack Jackson and with it The Anerley Gazette. Jack had painstakingly edited he Gazette for many years and stretched back to record over 100 years of our history.

Times have changed. Much of what ithe Bugle contained is, perhaps, better done elsewhere. Vince's new Register is the go-to place to discover your next ride. Reports and photos appear on social media during and shortly after the rides.

It was important to keep the Bugle going during lockdown when there were no rides to find or report on. Now is, perhaps, the best time to re-evaluate its purpose as the current editor is both running short of fresh ideas and time!

Hence from this edition onwards it will experimentally become monthly - published the first Friday of the month. It will, hopefuly, return to be what The Gazette always was - a reflective permanent record of the club and its achievements. It might adopt the old name. What do yoou think?

We can measure whether that be a success and whether it should continue at the November AGM. So until the 7th August - farewell - unless, of course, you would like to help edit it.

BUGLE BLAST ONE - 7th October 2011

Hi Boys & Girls,

Saturday is dry and cool. Ideal for the Club Audax:

Sunday is dry and warmer. Ideal for the Sunday Ride.
This week it is a pootle out to York Hill to watch
Catford Club's hill infamous climb. And then onto
Chipstead and Bricklayer's Arms. History of the
climb here:

Tuesday will be dry and a little cooler. Des has
deserted his post to go see some Welsh sheep so
John Dadson will be leading the charge from Purley
Tescos at 10am. Give him a ring if you can.

This week we have introduced a new feature on the website:
Recent Rides:

This includes Des's account of John T's welcome
reappearance on the Tuesday ride. We also have
accounts of the last two Sunday Rides.


This is an experimental weekly roundup of the ABC to
keep you in touch between Gazettes.

If you don't want it please let me know.
If you want someone else to receive it ditto.


Disclaimer: Temperature can go down as well as up.
Dry can be wet at times ...


John was, according to Mark H, a member of the Anerley. He was also a member of at least two other clubs in an illustrious careeer which saw him become the first rider in the world to do 25 miles in under an hour in 1893.

Besides taking countless other records John raced a new fangled motorcycle and won despite experiencing two punctures, covering 27 miles 210 yards in an hour. The motor was 300 yards behind!

That's the time alone to fix two punctures for some of us ...

In 1898 Ariel Cycle Co (makers of the bicycles that he rode) published his book "Stocks on Training". The folowing year 1899 John covered 434 miles on an Ariel tricycle inside twenty-four hours, a record which he has not yet beaten.

But he was to go faster. Also in 1899 he was fined for speeding on a motor tricycle on the Great North Road.  This was the start of a second career in motorised vehicles. He raced Napiers in the 1903 Gordon Bennett crashing spectaculary.

He also was he UK manager of the de Dion motor company. More here:



This is the Ariel Motor Tricycle of 1899. Probably the model than earned John Stocks his conviction and his many records.

It was powered by a De Dion engine - the company John moved to from Ariel. More here:



  • Cone obstructed cycle routes (see Bugle 443).
  • 1960s-designed road network is a hostile environment even for experienced cyclists
  • Croydon has the highest number of potential cycling trips in London, but one of the lowest proportions of people cycling regularly, with fewer than 1% of trips made by bike
Other bad news is COVID-19. Croydon has highest number of coronavirus cases in the whole of London, with 1,532 (PHE 19/06). The Government promises money to rebuild our infrastructure. Will this be a repeat of the 1960s or will it be a green rebuild?

Here's an opinion piece:



Sunday 28th June: The Scorchers and the Very Relaxed collide at the (open) Ruby's Cafe, Capel:
Tuesday 30th June: The Balcombe Ride than never got to ogle the Balcombe viaduct. Instead the heavens dampened Tom V's head and Tulley's Farm ignited his temper while his rear deflated in protest. Confused?



NB COVID-19 restrictions apply. Maximum 6 riders per ride. Rides may be added, cancelled or amalgamated depending on demand so check again before starting.

You must register for each ride. If you don't and the ride is full - you wil be turned away. It's the law!

This is a link to the Ride Register. Remember you need to be registered with Vince to be able to enter your name on a ride:



A message from new member Roger S. He was taken out by the curb at the Sanderstead and Mayfield Road junctions. Bad news was a fractured collarbone. Good news is it should be self healing and Roger should be OK in 5 weeks or so. Then the journey to get back to match fitness.



First, enjoy this 'Supercar ad':

Except it isn't. And it's been banned in France. Discover why here:

Nothing to do with the car industry lobby group being a bit bigger than the cycle lobby. Perish the thought!

Happy Cycling!