The Bugle | Blast 373

Friday 8th February 2019
Chillier Edition



“If at first you don't succeed, drink a lot of beer and forget you tried." - @EarlDibblesJr



Is there nothing Tim cannot ride? This week Tim was only a passenger on Sunday's sub-zero ride but went on to inadvertantly lead everybody on the Tuesday and Thursday rides. A man of many routes both obscure and beautiful Tim won the prize for singlehandedly writing all three ride reports this week.

What a saint!



The Islabike Joni was the Guardian's choice as bicycle of the week. I guess it's because their journos are getting a bit long in the tooth - for this is a bike to bring back the joy of riding to those who are no longer 'getting their leg over' comfortably.

Aimed at the over 65s (or 85s in Anerley speak) it has nice little touches like super low gearing and tyres that are easy to take off in the event of a puncture even for people with reduced grip strength.

Isla Rowntree's eponymous Shropshire based company is renowned for its almost indestructable children's bikes so its good to see her making provision for indestructable riders.

Guardian Review:



I don't do it, some people have to and some people choose to. have done their annual 'how not to fall off' guide. Briefly they say:

* Fatter lower pressure tyres
* Get studded for black ice
* Flat pedals to avoid quick clip-out issues
* Go fixed to control traction and avoid braking
* Lower saddle: feet on the ground can by god's own stabilisers
* Main roads are clearer
* No kerb crawling - it's where all the crap is.

Oh and wear extra clothes!

Seriously there full guide is a good read if you are silly enough to get out of bed when young Jack Frost is out and about:


AKA the Club Dinner. Some come for the prizes, most come for a good time. Hope you are booked - don't forget to bring some booze and some great raffle prizes (no, not the one you won last year). Oh and £20 each for Viv.

6:30 for 7pm. Being prompt is a benefit as the adjoining car park is free after 6:30. For first timers here is a map and picture of Purley United Reformed Church Hall, 906 Brighton Road, Purley CR8 2LN. You've ridden past it so many times ...



Have you read the HS2 train to Birmingham business plan? Thought not. Take it from me  - it was always a bit dodgy - but it hasn't stopped them announcing this week that a billion will be spent on a shiny new station at Old Oak Common. Where? Well the place most difficult to get from South and Sout East London.

To gain 20 minutes you lose 30. Good plan.

Where do the folks live who wrote the plan? You got it. Whether its this or the third runway - we know who it is designed to benefit. But who is going to have to pay for it?


Penny pinching means they have abandoned the plan to build a cycleway up the spine of the country alongside HS2 would have delivered a return on investment of up to five times greater than the rail project itself.

Madness. Tell your MP before the whole thing is steamrollered through on the back of the distraction of politicians and the media over Brexit:



The Saturdays stayed in bed.

The Sundays (and Barry) chilled out at Tanhouse Farm:

The Tuesdays A&B rides huddled together in the gloom of Chartwell:

The Thursdays ventured on a Mark-less ride to Tulley's Farm:



Saturday 9th February: Meet Shurguard/501 Brighton Road at 09:00 or Coulsdon PO at 09:20.Out via Chipstead, Valley and up Holly Lane to Banstead. Then Tattenham Corner, Ashtead and Leatherhead to Brocketts Farm for tea. Back via Oxshott, Malden Rushett, Sutton, West Purley to Pub stop at the Jolly Farmers. 
Scenic route,  and wind assisted on the way back.  38 miles.

Sunday 10th February: Meet Shurguard/501 Brighton Road at 09:30: Mark will be leading to Teal Cafe, Hildenbough. Lunch 11.30, Pub stop optional back in Purley 15.00

Tuesday 12th February: 09:30 Shurguard/501 Brighton Road: Tom fast to Oxted Morrisons
Tuesday 12th February: 10:00 Shurguard/501 Brighton Road: Peter R relaxed to Oxted Morrisons

Thursday 14th February: Meet Shurguard at 10:00 am. 
Destination: tba 



Too icy, why take the risk and still keep your fitness up cycling in a nice wrm gym? Pete S writes on excellent new facilities and concessionary rates for over 60s at the Purley Leisure Centre Gym:

The newly refurbished Gym offers Free Membership to those over 60 living within the Croydon area. All you need to provide is proof of ID with age and address so a passport or driving licence is fine. The gym has many exercise bicycles, treadmills, cross trainers and a step machine, plus a separate area for weights machines and free weights. All equipment is brand new and there is a very friendly atmosphere with an even balance of male and female users.

Membership for over 60's is free and you pay as you go each time you use the gym at £3.50 so it's ideal for cyclists who would only use it when inclement weather prevents outdoor riding. It would also be good for injury recuperation. Swimming is free. If you are not yet lucky enough to be 60 there is an annual fee of just £24.95 and pay as you go gym fee of £5.45 with swimming costing £2.70 per session. More info at:

Or you could emigrate to the Luvly Borough of Lewisham. Here all the council run gyms and pools are COMPLETELY FREE (no membership, no fees) for the over 60s at any time. The picture above is the one I use at Forest Hill Pools. Nice choice of recumbent and straight up machines.

Fit elderly people costs the council less at little marginal cost. Even better return than the HS2 cycleway!

Happy (virtual) Cycling!