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Friday 19th June 2020
Eddy Edition



 “I won! I won! I don't have to go to school anymore" - Eddy Merckx


Famous for coming between winner GP Mills (last week's Bicyclist of the Week) and our own SF Edge on the first Bordeaux to Paris race.

His specialty was in long endurances races with victories in 24 hour races on the Great North Road and in the Cuca Cocoa Cup on the Herne Hill Velodrome. In total Holbein established 32 British cycling records and was a member of Catford CC.

Today he would have been a great triathlete as his other claim to fame was as a swimmer.  In 1899 he set a record of 43 miles and in 1908 he covered an incredible uninterrupted 50 miles. Holbein also made several attempts, ultimately all unsuccessful, to swim across the English Channel.

More info:



The roads were very rough and, for long distance riders, rather painful. The Whippet sprung frame bicycle success was because it was the choice of Montague Holbein and other road stars of the time.

Made by Linley and Briggs of Clerkenwell Road surviving models don't come cheap these days. This one was auctioned for a cool £24,500!


 Linley and Briggs:



The BBC today reports: "Toilet rolls. Hand sanitiser. Pasta. Flour. The early pandemic-induced shortages have passed, but now there is a new one: bicycles. As people venture further afield for exercise, or return to the workplace while avoiding public transport, bikes - new and used - are at a premium."

Also today the Guardian claims: "Bicycle sales could be set to fall by 10% this year despite a surge in demand during the coronavirus lockdown. Spending on bikes is expected to drop to £842m from £940m last year, when 2.5m new bikes were saddled up in the UK"

I guess the outcome will be how serious our government is in engineering a shift from four to two wheel transport for those who will now choose not to use public transport. Now is the moment of choice.

Will the PM/Dominic succumb to pressure from an already desperate car industry about to be hit within the year by custom duties when we leave the EU transition period? The prospects for tens of thousands of workers v the environment, climate change and the nation's health. Hmmm - where do you put your money?



Saturday 13th June: Four go a roundabout route to Lingfield but never arrive:

Tuesday 16th June: Two rides, one to escape London - the other to it's most famous prison:



NB Register before joining ride. Rides may be added, cancelled or amalgamated depending on demand so check again before starting.

If you don't register and the ride is full - you wil be turned away. It's the law.

Saturday 20th: RogerF meet Shurguard 9:30.
To Otford/Shoreham about 45 miles 12mph 
Saturday 20th: JohnDi meet  Shurgard 9:30
To Otford/Shoreham about 45 miles 12mph 

Sunday 21st: MarkH's Scorcher meet Shurguard 10am
Training ride Lullingstone CP 55 miles 14.5mph
Sunday 21st: Steady Ride 10am.
Leader required. See register for updates
Sunday 21st: Des's Easy meet  GB Bike Shop. 10am
To Ockham 45 miles

Tuesday 23rd: TomV's Early meet Shurguard 9:30
Destination West Molesey
Tuesday 23rd: MarkH's Fast meet Farthing Down 10am
Destination tba 50 miles
Tuesday 23rd: PeterR's Steady meet Shurguard 10am
To tba 12 mph
Tuesday 23rd: Des's Relaxed meet  GB's Shop 10am
To Ockham 45 miles
Tuesday 23rd: John D's Relaxed meet Riddlesdown 10am
To Ide Hill Community Shop

Thursday 25th: tba



The Tuesday Super-Relaxed is becoming a little nomadic in starting points: Couldon PO, Anerley Aldi and this week St Edmund's Hall.

Where? Well you have all ridden past it. Just round the corner from Meike's home in Lower Barn Road and before Mitchley Hill. CR8 1DN if you are using SatNav. Warlingham riders may wish to wait 10 or so minutes before joining - but do contact John D, this week's leader, first.



SF Edge, as most members know, was not only one of the world's (and Anerley's) greatest cyclists - he was both a motor racing nut and businessman to boot. He sold souped-up Napiers and eventually joined up with Napiers.

His personal assistant was Dorothy Levitt who went on to prove that driving cars was for women too. But not without a loaded revolver in the glove box!

Watch Penelope Keith's homage to her:



Happy 75th Birthday (last Wednesday) to Eddy Merckx. Beyond a legend and don't you just love that slicked back hair look....

Enjoy your cycling