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Friday 12th June 2020
Drinking Edition



 “In victory, you deserve Champagne. In defeat you need it.” -  Napoleon Bonaparte


GP Mills "‘the greatest road racing cyclist the world has known" was a member of Anfield Bicycle Club founded two years before the Anerley and the power house of the north as cycling transitioned from Ordinaries to the Safety and Tricycles.

In the summer of 1886 Mills broke the Land's End-John o'Groats record, he also won the North Road 24-hour time-trial on a penny-farthing with 288 miles, set records on a bicycle for 50 miles and 24 hours (259 miles) and set a tandem-tricycle record for 50 miles.

It was in 1891 that the Brits invaded France to take the inaugural Bordeaux to Paris race. He hardly slept, eat or did anything but go off the front across appalling roads to win in 26h 36m 25s. Our own SF Edge came in third three hours later. Some took another two days to finish the course.

Great reads here:



Snapped by Mark H this took part in the 1891 Bordeaux-Paris. Not sure who was riding it.

John E has in mind that when COVID-19 crisis has finally been put to rest that the Anerley should challenge Anfield for a friendly re-run of the route. Maybe some racing and others coming in a few days later in touring and wine tasting mode. Or maybe going the other way!



Tuesday saw the start of the post-lockdown group riding. We are limited to a maximum of six per group so it took seven to accommodate all those wishing to ride again.

You can find a write up here:

It was also the first test of Vince H's 'Ride Register'  hastily put in place to make sure each and every ride was compliant with the law. Despite much trepidation it worked first time!



Vince is now undertaking the hard work of refining what was planned to take months into a few days.

People on the members list will later today be getting a copy of the latest user guide effective from Sunday. Last Tuesday showed that if it seems a bit complicated at the start - we can with a little bit of detemination make it a success. A success that even after Covid-19 may be a more efficient way of organising our rides.

People are here to help. If you don't get a copy today - let me or Vince know. If you have difficulties accessing it or filling it in - talk to Peter R (Tuesdays), Mark H (Thursdays), Roger F (Saturdays) and Julia (Sundays). They can take stuff forward to Vince if necessary.

The club owes a great debt of gratitude to Vince who has worked so hard to bring the Register to market. Please use it. It's the only way you can be sure of a ride. If you turn up and it's full you will be turned away.

Thought is being given to how we welcome new or non-members to our rides. Even Vince can't do everything in a day oer even a week so please be patient.



NB Fill in and check register before joining ride.
Rides may be added, cancelled or amalgamated depending on demand so check again before starting.

Saturday 13th: RogerF meet Farthing Downs car park 9:30.
To Horne/Lingfield about 30 miles 12mph 
Saturday 13th: Karen meet  Shurgard 9:30
To Horne/Lingfield about 35 miles

Sunday 14th: MarkH's Scorcher meet  Coulsdon PO 10am
Training ride 50 miles Surrey.Stop at Ruby's Cafe Capel
Sunday 14th: Steady Ride 10am.
Leader required. See register for updates
Sunday 14th: Des's Easy meet  GB Bike Shop. 10am
40 mls. Destination tba

Tuesday 16th: TomV's Early meet Shurguard 9:30
Destination tba
Tuesday 16th: Barrie's Fast meet Farthing Down 10am
Destination tba
Tuesday 16th: PeterR's Steady meet Shurguard 10am
To Denbies / 44 mi / 12 mph
Tuesday 16th: Des's Relaxed meet  GB's Shop 10am
Pick up at Portnalls Rd to Westcott Nr Dorking
Tuesday 16th: Stuart's Relaxed meet Anerley Aldi 10am
To Greenwich

Thursday 18th: MarkH's Fast meet Shurguard 10am
To The Himalayan 45 miles of climbing coffee at Ide Hill.
Thursday 18th: Belinda's Steady meet Farthing Down 10am
Destination tba



The Robin Hood, Elmers End Road was the original pub and club starting point when the Anerley was in Anerley. It stood until only a few years ago when it was transformed into this:
Next Tuesday will be a memorial to our founding riders meeting place (possibly with added shopping). No cycling specialbuys this week We will meet in the forecourt. For those for life north of Croydon is still a bit of a mystery here is a GoogleMap of the location SE20 7SX:
Tip: Coming from the south the recommended route from East Croydon Station is along Sydenham Road, past Selhurst station and through South Norwood along Croydon Road. Avoid coming up from Elmers End. It's a horrible hill.



The Department for Transport (DfT) has announced today that local authorities in England will be able to use CCTV to fine drivers who park or load illegally in mandatory cycle lanes, putting cyclists at risk:



Jez Vine Retribution – 32 weeks in the slammer for person who tried to sell bike nicked from NHS worker neighbour of TV and radio host. Ungumming Gumtree and police (in)action:



A warning to all aspiring club TT cyclists. This is the man to beat.

Stay Safe & Zoom with us next Monday @ 8pm