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Friday 26th July 2019

Croydon Edition





“I’ve got this thing about Croydon. It was my nemesis, I hated Croydon with a real vengeance. It represented everything I didn’t want in my life, everything I wanted to get away from. I think it’s the most derogatory thing I can say about somebody or something: ‘God, it’s so f**king Croydon!’ " - Beckenham bred David Bowie 



This is Gareth Williams, aka Cycling Gaz and the original CroydonCyclist. He has a huge following on Twitter, his blog and YouTube.

The  web developer (hey, wanna join the Anerley?) has been visceral about Croydon's cycling infrastructure and much else.

I won't say anymore but invite you to enjoy his stuff here:



What bicycle manufacturer do you most associate with Croydon: Roberts, Geoffery Butler or ... Pearson?

Pearson probably has the longest history starting with the oldest bicycle shop in the world - but that was, and is, in Sutton. That was founded by Tom Pearson. His son Harry Pearson began manufacturing bicycles for his dad from his "Croydon Works". I can't find a picture of the original Pearson Endeavour of 1904 so this rather more modern jobby will have to do. The Pearson 'Now You See Me'  steel single speed bike:



An (unconnected?) Henry Pearson and Percy Cox founded a motorcar manufacturing business in Shortlands. As a sideline they developed a steam motorcycle in 1912. The production run  lasted for only two years when, in 1914, Cox disposed of his manufacturing rights to the 'Steam Cycle and Motor Company' of St Michael’s Road, Croydon.


Work started this week on the council's answer to Boris' Cycle Superhighways. It won't give you a blue tarmacced protected route into central London - but it might help you get across the Wellesley Road.

It will enable cyclists to travel against the flow of traffic in Bedford Park, providing a safe route from Sydenham Road to Poplar Walk and then on to West Croydon and North End. As part of the works 19 of the 46 existing pay and display parking bays on Bedford Park will be removed to allow the cycle lane to be created. The work will continue until October.

Predictably the first and only reponse on the This is Local London website was (sigh):

"What a waste of money, they'll still cycle on the pavements and through red lights."

This Council press release didn't have any maps, illustartions etc - just a bio pic of the guy claiming the credit. Presumably this includes all the bike lanes he has taken out elsewhere to put in on-street car parking. Here is Googlemap of the area and my guesswork for reference:


There was a whoopsie in last week's invitation
Here it is again with the correct date


You don't have to be 70 to join in - you just have to feel it >:-(

It will be a gentle ride and my family will be there to greet us. Return will be by train from Chichester. More details coming up.

Please put it in your diaries now
(and let me know if you make it)



70 mile/70 years is an example of numerical aliteration. As is your Eddington Number - eg 75 means  'I've done 75 rides of 75 miles or more'.

There was news this week of Peter Smith of South Norwood who did 75 laps of Herne Hill Velodrome every 75 days to celebrate his 75th birthday. He completed it just two days before his 76th. A great achievement as he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was dignosed six years ago with early stage dementia.

He has raised tons of dosh for St Christopher's Hospice and the Alzheimer's Society and there's a snippet from three years ago on the SCH Facebook page.

Anybody else into numerical alliteration?




Pete S writes:

Six of us Sue, Bob, Frank, Roger, Pete, Vince went to LCC's offices for ride leader Training ahead of the Prudential Free Ride.

Regrettably it did not live up to expectations. 3 hours in the morning were spent in a stuffy room for a class room session that was overly long, lacked substance, with no presentation slides and lots of advice that contradicted commonly accepted best practice.

This was followed by a three hour practical session which comprised 15 cyclists and 2 trainers cycling around an unplanned route on some of London's busiest roads. We were told to bunch up, sometimes 4 abreast, to fill the lane. Basically we were being nuisance cyclists annoying other road users - not a good example to set at all. 

The only thing I did learn was that the role of the tail end Marshall is much more than just sweeping up stragglers. His/her positioning in the road plays a very important part in keeping the group riders ahead safe and motorists aware of planned changes in direction.




Once again we have the opportunity to showcase Anerley BC by Leading and Marshalling two routes into the London FreeCycle event.

Croydon to FreeCycle - leader Vince

Croydon start point address: Corner of George Street/Dingwall St, Croydon, CR9 2NS
Start time: 9:00
Distance: 13mi
End point: Parliament Square
Return Time: 15:00
Return Ride: Parliament Square

Sutton to FreeCycle - Leader Pete S

Sutton start point address: Trinity Square, High Street, Sutton, SM1 1ES
Start time: 9:00
Distance: 15mi
End point: Parliament Square
Return Time: 15:00
Return Ride: Parliament Square

We already have some Marshall's but more are needed particularly for the Croydon route which is usually very well attended - last year there were upwards of 70 riders.

As a Marshall you will; 
  • Get to wear a bright pink Tabard
  • Help support and safeguard less experienced riders during the ride
  • Have access to secure cycle parking at the FreeCycle event
  • Get access to central London roads closed to other traffic
  • Receive a free packed lunch and water from LCC at the Marshall's tent
  • Be part of showing what a friendly and inclusive club Anerley is.
Ride leaders will brief you ahead of the ride setting off so you will know what to do.

If you haven't yet let Vince or Pete know you wish to be part of this enjoyable event please make yourself known by replying to Bugle list admin.



Sunday 21st July: The alternate Sunday Ride goes Country Touring Faygate way with Des:

Tuesday 23rd July: Des relaxes to Copthorne and deserted by the Earlies and Steadies:



Saturday 27th July: NO RIDE. The forecast is for heavy rain all day. Pete had planned to use this as a reccy route for the Sutton Freeride route into London. Instead he will be doing this on Sunday 28th July

Sunday 28th July: Traditional Ride: Meet Shurguard/501 Brighton Road at 09:00. Mark H leads to Brighton v High Beeches and possibly back or by train.

Sunday 28th July: Recce Ride: Meet at Shurguard 501 Brighton road 9.00 am. Pete S leads  out to Sutton via Chipstead Valley and Holly Lane Banstead. Then into London following the Wandle Way. Return via Wandle Way and Carshalton The route is suitable for bikes of all types but you may prefer to bring a hybrid rather than road bike. All welcome.

Tuesday 30th July:  Shurguard/501 Brighton Road. Rides to Polesden Lacey
09:30 Early Leader: Tom V
10:00 Steady Leader: Peter R
10:00 Relaxed Leader: John D

Thursday 1st August: Meet Shurguard at 10:00 am. 
Destination: tba 



Our last Bicyclist of the Week broke one of the oldest cycling records of all time. Here, passing a sign some of us remember painfully, Richard Thoday completed the 874-mile LEJOG journey in four days and 12 hours.

The long-standing record of five days and one hour was set in 1886 by celebrated Anfield CC cyclist GP Mills. Richard's record attempt has helped to raise more than £6,000 for Children in Need.

Happy Cycling