The Bugle | Blast 393

Friday 28th June 2019

Cream of Devon Edition




“Ee’s as ‘ard as a dug’s ‘eed.” 
Devonian dialect for a tough person. Dog’s skulls are notoriously hard, so if anyone ever says this about you, take it as a compliment!



Jeremy, our old Anerley captain now esconced in the far west, illustrates how to eat a scone Devon style. For those who do not wish to faux pas when west of Taunton:

  • The Devonian (or Devonshire) method is to split the scone in two, cover each half with clotted cream, and then add strawberry jam on top. ...
  • With the Cornish method, the warm 'bread split' or a 'scone' is first split in two, then spread with strawberry jam, and finally topped with a spoonful of clotted cream

Jeremy played host to me this week and welcomes any Anerley member prepared for the stiff climb out of Exeter. Makes Ranmore or Ditchling feel like a walk in the park ...



Jeremy is a member of the Mid-Devon Cycle Club (MDCC) self styled 'Premier Club of the South West'. They main stomping ground is the chalenging open spaces and horrendous climbs on Dartmoor from sea level around Newton Abbott.

It's a massive club with three 'semi-pro' groups. Bit like the Addiscombe on steroids according to Jeremy. Their major event is the demanding 107 mile Dartmoor Classic Sportive which IS LIMITED TO 4,000 RIDERS. the 2019 was last Sunday. I'm sure Jeremy might find a bed for you if you want to try the 2020 edition.

Read more about the Classic here:
And the Club here:



Pictured high up on Dartmoor though not quite in MDCC's S-Works class. It's a climber though boasting an ancient Simplex derailleur.

You might be surprised to count how many gears - JUST THREE!


Pete S writes:

This year's Free ride London is taking place on Saturday 3rd August and ahead of this LCC are offering us leader/marshal training on Saturday 20th July, details below.

It would be great to get as many people to attend as possible bearing in mind the growing numbers of all our rides and also to show LCC the strength of the club in depth.

Attending the training does not mean you have to marshal the Freeride (but it would be nice if you could). To get your name added to the list please reply to list admin or contact Pete S.

LCC is running a series of Ride Leader training sessions to support people who are interested in leading rides with their Local Groups, particularly the RideLondon FreeCycle feeder rides on Saturday 3 August, 2019.

Consisting of a short classroom session followed by a practical on-street session with an expert ride-leader trainer, the course teaches participants how to support groups of cyclists moving through roads with motor traffic.

Participation is free and the only requirements are being a confident rider and being able to bring a cycle in good working order on the day. We also encourage participants to brush up on their Cycle Skills before the course, preferably getting themselves up to Bikeability Level 3 or equivalent (information on free Cycle Skills training from local councils can be found here).



Last week the Bugle reported on the rider facing bankruptcy after colliding with a woman who stepped out in front of him at a green light without looking.

We said WRONGLY you were protected third party while on an official Club ride. In fact only the leader and club are protected against a claim.

If you hit another rider you are potentially liable. If that leads to serious injury or worse then they can, and arguably should, get compensation from you.

This makes it even more important to be covered third party. You can do that in several ways. Membership of CTC, BC or LCC automatically includes TPO. As a CTC affiliated club you can get affiliate membership at a substantial discount (£25 instead of £46.50). All you need is the club code from George.

Apply here:

We have a duty of care to each other. Should that include an expectation that other riders carry insurance on club rides as we would expect them to have a couple of inner tubes and a pump?

Making it mandatory raises some difficulties. Make it unneccessary by doing the right thing now - and not assume - as we did that you will be automatically covered.

Here is some light reading on the matter:



Des set off at 5:30 this morning on his tour of Wales with his family to celebrate his upcoming 80th birthday. May the tailwinds be with you Des.

We await his report in a future Bugle.

But he still has a way to go. reports that 81 year old Mavis Paterson becomes oldest woman to cycle from Land's End to John O'Groats. Getting older doesn't stop you going further ...




No club ride reports received this week. This includes last Saturday's Club Charity Ride. Can someone please provide words and pix for next week's edition?

Luckily we do have the report of John Di's Cork Ironman last Sunday. Here is the expectant crowd and John's report [event photos to follow]:



Saturday 29th June: Meet Shurguard/501 Brighton Road at 09:00. Roger leads a 20-25 mile off road. Tea stop Flower Farm, Godstone ( Back by 12

Sunday 30th June: Meet Shurguard/501 Brighton Road at 09:00. Mark H leads to Heaven Farm, Sussex ( 65 miles

Tuesday 2nd July:  Shurguard/501 Brighton Road. Await a ride update email.

Thursday 4th July: Meet Shurguard at 10:00 am. 
Destination: tba 



Remember this cyclist scare story from Bugle 387?

A totally untrue Mail Online headline attached to a different story that was later corrected by the cyclists' most hateful newspaper. Cycling UK quite rightly complained to the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) saying the headline ...

“feeds the totally misleading narrative that cyclists are a danger on the road.”

Open and shut case? well no. IPSO dismissed the complaint. Not because it wasn’t inaccurate. Or misleading. It was all a matter of geography, apparently.

They said the article was intended only for a Dutch audience, and that Cycling UK should instead direct its complaint to the Netherlands Press Council.

That's a British newspaper publishing in English (not Dutch) on an internet that all can access - and did! A newspaper that has a continuing anti-cycling narrative (see another example in Bugle 389) that helps feed the prejudice every UK cyclists experienced on British roads.

*** Sigh ***


Last week's Bugle reported that the dysfunctional Kensington & Chelsea council had put the kibosh on this London Mayor's scheme to save lives on Notting Hill's most lethal roads by replacing one line of traffic with protected cycle lanes, This is the road that had claimed the life of Eilidh Cairns, a 30-year-old TV producer from Alnwick in Northumberland, killed by a tipper truck in 2009.

The coucil said it was due to the reactions of the local community and business. Reactions based on Daily Mail like prejudice as reported last week.

Worse, one woman at a public meeting claimed to be a relative of Eilidh Cairns and claimed she would have opposed the scheme too if she had lived.

Eilidh's family finally tracked down this 'relative'. Read the outcome here:

Happy Cycling