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Friday 21st June 2019

Infrastructure Edition




"Build it and they will bike" - The Guardian



A good week for Boris - by fair means or foul. Whatever he does for his party or the country many here will judge him by what he did as Mayor. A string of disasters to be true - but at least one achievement stands out - the beginning of some serious cycle infrastucture in the city.

Much of it was the brainchild of Andrew Gilligan - his cycling czar. So perhaps it should have been Andrew this week but invariably it's the bosses who get the credit for the workers' work.



OK it's got a motor but the caterpillar track is a great idea to get across the ever widening and deepening holes across our local roads. Did they have that problem in 1938? Time to re-invent for 2020. The ultimate e-bike?



John D writes:

Weather looks fair so hope we have a good turnout and sunny lunch in the lovely Old Jail pub. garden in Biggin Hill.

Last year we raised £2,000 through sponsorship so let's see if we can beat that this year. Proceeds to summer camps for deprived children in inner city estates to provide them with activities and meals and steer them away from gang crime, drugs and stabbings. This year part of the funds will go to St Christopher's Hospice where John Turnbull was supported in his last days.  

Go direct to Croydon Arena Tramstop Car Park to meet at 10;30 or join Des at 10:00 at Shurguard/501 Brighton Road for a guided ride to the Arena. 

That's the details. You can download a full size image of this poster to print from here:

Plus sponsorship forms here: sponsorship form.docx



Bicycle infrastructure doesn't have to be only functional - it can be beautiful too. Or striking, Or invigorating.

Perhaps we should look further than replacing streets choked with cars with streets choked with bicycles. The Guardian has some jaw dropping examples of not only what is possible but has been done around the world.

Spare a few moments to enjoy:



The finest bicycling infrastructure in the world is not too far from our doorstep. Just £35 will get you and a folder to Amsterdam on Eurostar. Get out of the city and you will be travelling like this cross country and on protected cyclepaths in most surburban areas.

Or take the ferry from Harwich to Hook of Holland.

If you haven't cycled in Holland then do think at putting at the top of your next tour list. Here's a great website to inspire you:
[thanks TomTom for the link]



This is not to be. Even this modest proposal west London route has been cancelled this week by Grenfell scandalised Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea.

Another Grauniad report shows how prejudice trumps evidence as the council does the work of nimbys and lobbyists:



If you haven't heard about the cyclist losing the case of hitting a pedestrian who had stepped out without looking when the lights were green for him then read this:

Yes it's The Sun but the report is, for once, well balanced and many reader's comments were pro-cyclist.

The cyclist now faces bankruptcy after he is forced to pay £100k in court costs and compensation because he was not insured.

Could this happen to you? Are you insured?

Yes on official ABC rides through the CTC. But unless you are a personal member of CTC, LCC or BC which include third party insurance you could be losing your house when riding alone even if someone else does something very silly.

As a member of a CTC affiliated club you can get a special associate membership and insurance. Contact Treasurer George for the magic code.



Sunday Ride: 16th June: The quiet alternative to the BHF Brighton extravaganza. Six do Yalding & Hever at high speed in a novel multimedia report:

Tuesday Ride: 18th June: I had a message that all three rides had been cancelled due to the weather forecast. Today I just received a report from Frank K on a July 18th ride! But as it hasn't happened yet there are no pix so it didn't ;-)


Saturday 22nd June: Meet Shurguard/501 Brighton Road at 10:00. Des leads to Croydon Arena for the start of the Charity Ride at 10:30.

Sunday 23rd June: Meet Shurguard/501 Brighton Road at 09:00. Mark H leads to The New Inn, Send.60 miles

Tuesday 25th June:  Shurguard/501 Brighton Road to Eynsford or Lullingstone
09:30 Leader: Tom V [early]
10:00 Leader: Peter R  [steady]
10:00 Leader: Des D  [relaxed]

Thursday 27th June: Meet Shurguard at 10:00 am. 
Destination: tba 



In order to maintain the continuity of this cycle lane though a pinch point on The Upper Drive in Hove, the general traffic lane has been gently tapered to allocate a generous 10cm for cyclists.

Another from the incomparable Cycle Facility of the Month from the Warrington Cycle Campaign:



The 'Anerley Chat' part of our website was retired earlier this week. No postings since January so no point. Thanks for all those that contributed in the past.

I guess this 'social media' thingy is catching on ... and forums are history.

Happy Cycling