Frank's Thursday Ride 8th August 2017

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Frank's Thursday Ride 8th August 2017

Post by Bugle » Fri Aug 11, 2017 5:14 pm

Very eventful ride in the dry after previous day's drenching including my Denzel dog walk..

Quite a crowd at 501 when Miles and you sorted Belinda's saddle adjustment out. Mile and I took off 1st to get ahead knowing we are a bit slower... Miles was aching from recent ride so took the Limpsfield Road alternative to Beddlestead Lane. Surprise no gravel washout problems at notorious bend at bottom of 1st hill.

Coming down Clarks Lane on Barry's rear wheel following Miles we suddenly had to stop due to large hedge clipping machine in action.

We showed George the Shoreham RAF café where I previously took a bathroom photo!

I realised I last visited the excellent Lullingstone café on a Kippin labfest when I meet up with cousins and our labs for an interesting walk etc. A couple of dogs were guarding the toilets.

Miles and I invited a OPCC rider over to our table decked out in Russian [КПСС] red club colours including helmet from the Old Boys of Portland Road School, South Norwood. .

Quite a character. Recently retired . Ex RE in NI working in bandit country. He said best mate killed during Duo Normand time trial in France last year. John T remembered Dave Bonner a national time trialist.

Mark when are you and Barry investing in time trial aero helmets like OPCC!

On return passed Tally Ho pub in Knockholt. Started a chart with Barry as we both knew demolished Tally Ho in Caterham and the Caterham Arms where in August 1975 a Provo IRA bomb injured 33 people including 10 Welsh Guards two of which lost their legs! I lived at 9 Rook Lane Chaldon and the explosion rattled our lounge front windows, we rushed outside about 9.30pm not knowing its origin. Heard about it on the news later... That is why I get hot under the collar about IRA issues.

I then got ahead to the old Spinning Wheel pub and sat on the large garden rock for a drink. As you said I was doing a Copenhagen statue pose.

Glad some of us then went on the track to bypass Tatsfield as I knew the washout would be bad as proved to be the case with George's puncture. Where the track meets Clarks Hill I was surprised met our worthy Captain struggling up the hill due to the after effects of Tom's Vertigo problem! We congregated at Botley Hill roundabout for Tom's intros all round. Belinda kindly reminded me to get my bike out of the road.

Due to my curfew I set off while you waited for George for my paper at Warlingham Esso garage. Then later I met Dave at Farley Road mini roundabout with Sunny Bank and I followed Dave closely back to Selsdon...

Very interesting ride.


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