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Friday 5th June 2020
Frank Edition




“I long to ride a bike, dance, whistle, look at the world, feel young and know that I’m free, and yet I can’t let it show.” - Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl


Frank broke the  London-Brighton-London record in June 1890. He used a new fangled  pneumatic-tyred "Geared Facile" safety bicycle. The 108 miles took 7 hrs. 19 mins.

Our very own SF Edge edged him out the following month with a time of 7 hrs. 2 mins 50 secs riding a cushion-tyred safety.

The 'Ordinary' was not yet dead though. Two years later (1892) Francis rode his penny farthing to win the herne Hill 24 hour with a distance of 413 miles!



Here is Frank Shorland again winnig yet another cup on the Crypto Bantam. This was a curious hybrid machine being basically an epicyclic geared 'Ordinary'. This mitigated the issue of having a huge 'penny' with typically a modest 36" front wheel instead of up to 86".

Crypto Cycle Works Co.Ltd were based in Clerkenwell Road introduced the Bantam in 1893. Although it had some success it was, despite the claims in this advert, less comfortable to ride than the full "Ordinary" and gave way to the geared safety bicycle that was to dominate the pre-World War years.
There are still some about. Here is a 'de-restoration' project with a history and description:


Squint at the bottom of the Clement Talbot box and you will read "General Manager: Mr Frank W Shorland".

Yes, Frank went on from racing bicycles to manufacturing fast cars. Clement-Tabot were founded in 1896 and Frank became manager in 1909. The company had a French connection and here is a photo of Frank on an airship.
Clement-Talbot merged with Sunbeam and their French affiliate and were eventually absorbed into the Rootes Group before regaining their French connection as part of the Peugeot-Citroen group.

Here some snapshots of the rise and fall of the "Talbot" brand:
  • Talbot Lago: 1938
  • Sunbeam Talbot: 1950
  • Talbot Samba: 1986



Not like this - the legal limit is six riders per group. Luckily the Anerley has mastered the art of running multiple rides so we are well positioned to re-boot our programme.

It's looking like next Tuesday - rain-gods permitting. Lots of stuff to be ironed out first but Peter R is looking for leaders - so if you can do it - call him before he calls you.

Vince has also been busy developing an online registration for rides for Mark. This will come later so if you could let Peter know by email if you want to follow a leader he can try and match things up.

There will probably be a Ride Update before Tuesday as arrangements become clearer. We hope to have more info on Vince's scheme shortly.



Government ministers have enthused about cycling (without visibly being seen to do any) but as lockdown is eased have repeatedly told commuters to use their cars. 

Chris Boardman said this week “Next two weeks will set the transport agenda for the next two decades”. Will they hold to their green ambitions or give in to the the motor industry lobby for huge concessions and loans with difficult employment implications if the government doesn't cave?

His closely argued thesis appeared in Monday's Times. That's behind a paywall but you can read a synopsis of it here:



Drive Thru but NOT Ride Thru.

It was one possible way of getting a coffee as Costa begin to re-open their Drive Thru as traditional cafes have to remain closed for the forseeable future.

Why won't Costa serve you?

It's our old friend 'Elf & Safety". We are clearly more dangerous than cars in Costa's misguided eyes. If you, like me, are compiling a list of business 'goodies' and 'baddies' during the Covid-19 crisis - it's a reason not tto return to any of their premises in the future.

Full story here:

Stay Safe & Zoom with us next Monday @ 8pm