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Friday 1st November 2019

Happy Edition




"Bicycling is life with the volume turned up" - anon



This was last week's bicycle. Thanks to those who picked up my error in attributing it to Viv. It was, of course, Jenny's. Perhaps it was because we are not used to associating Jenny with speed but with this waif of a bike she has, so I'm reliably informed, was flying on the "Relaxed" Tempo Ride to Rusper G.C and back. And really flying! A great start to her winter training in preparation for Sa Colabra in the Spring. 

So Jenny take a well earned bow and please accept my apologies ...



Oh no, not another Brompton! They seemed to be turning out another variant by the week. This one doesn't have a motor, nor mudguards. It's optimised for long distance travel. And they can travel - I've ridden an ordinary one to the Med. But that didn't include hills 'cos I don't do those. 

This choice is less of a homage to Brompton than to a very special hill. An excuse to sit back, relax, maybe take a glass of wine and enjoy this video of how this same Brompton can take you to the places few others can by methods even fewer can emulate:



Dear TomTom pointed me to a fun thread by our friends on the London Fixed Gear and Single-Speed Forum. Above is the imaginative use of a reflector as a chainguard or maybe for low flying vehicles approaching from starboard.

Better still - what do you do if you lose a jockey wheel (how come LGFSS had jockey wheels to lose?). The use of natural and recyclable (sorry) materials is to be applauded.  The answer is below.

These applear on pages 48 & 49 of the thread so if you want to be appalled, horrified and amazed you can catch up with the whole lot here:



Sally writes:

IMPORTANT DEADLINE. the Club Member's Christmas lunch will be held on December 17th - lunch time at the Toby Jug Carvery in South Croydon. I must know if you can come by next Sunday 3rd Nov 6pm when I will book it.  Please message me direct or email with your name. I hope you can make it. The price is under £11 for main Festive Carvery and pudding (menu on line).  I will pay the £5 pp required deposit which you can give me on the day so please bring some cash!! Drinks on top.  Finally, please pass on the word to those not on the internet. Thanks.



Will both be held on Sunday 24th November. Our annual competition in the morning and the chance to all meet up and decide where the club is going in the afternoon.

So get training. Hint: weight is good downhill so don't spare the cake. Also please submit any ideas for discussion at the AGM to Secretary Fran and if you are a club officeer don't forget to do a report. Bonus points if you can get it printed up before.

Which reminds me that the next Club Dinner is now only three months away so Capt'n Mark will be after lhis year's trophies and shields. If he hasn't found you out yet. bring 'em along.



The annual London to Brighton Veteran Car Rally is an invitation to chase them down to Crawley and even onto Brighton. We have done it for a few years when the weather is good. 

The forecast for Saturday is appalling but it should have blown over by Sunday. However, the forecast still looks a bit damp for those considering joining this 'Steady' ride.

If it improves we will start early so as to let those who want to go all the way get there and possibly back in daylight. If not we will start at 9am so we can catch them up.

Stand by for a Ride Update email late Saturday with the decision. (Not signed up for Ride Updates or not sure?) Click on profile link at the bottom of this email to check.



None received this week. Tut, tut.



Saturday 2nd November: No Ride, Rugby and Rain

Sunday 3rd November:
Speedy: 10:00 Start from Now on Thyme by the River London Mark H to lead
Steady: 08:00 or 09:00 Shurguard/501 Brighton Road. Stuart G Vetran Car Chase to Crawley or Brighton (to be confirmed, see above)

Tuesday 5th November:  Shurguard/501 Brighton Road. Ride to Coolings, Knockholt
09:30 Early Leader: ???
10:00 Steady Leader: Peter R
10:00 Relaxed Leader: Des D

Thursday 7th November Speedy: Meet Shurguard at 10:00 am. 
Destination: tba 



Northern Ireland law is often criticised for being behind the times over things like gay rights and abortion. But here we can be glad to applaud their lead on cycling by insisting that close passing can lead to conviction for dangerous driving rather than being 'let-off' with the considerably lesser offence of careless driving.

Or should we just want close passers convicted of anything instead of being a daily (nay hourly) hazard?



Something to start the weekend with ... a video via Pete S. Pete organises regular Saturday off-road rides. Whether this is an invitation to bring along a baby and carrier I shall leave to you:

Happy Cycling