The Bugle | Blast 371

Friday 25th January 2019
Touring Edition



“All of our luggage was carried in a leather case which neatly fitted the inside angles of the bicycle frames. Our personal apparel consisted merely of a change of underwear, as we depended upon the stores in towns along our route for new clothes whenever we should need them. The remainder of our luggage cases contained photograph films, medicines, repair outfits, etc. My ‘artillery’, for which there was great use as it afterward happened, consisted of two 3S-caliber and one 44-caliber revolvers.” – Mr. and Mrs. H. Darwin McIlrath (1898)



The gun-toting Mr. and Mrs. H. Darwin McIlrath, as quoted above, pedalled 28,000 miles on a world bike trip, making Hattie one of the first women to go around the world by bicycle.

The 3-year voyage took them from their starting point in Chicago to San Francisco, then to Japan by ship, through Asia and Europe.

You can read the book of their adventure FREE online here:


Dunno how much the McIleath bikes cost but probably much more than a tenner at 1898 prices. So nowadays how far can you go on a £10 touring bike? (Answer: LEJOG).

Tom Allen set out to discover whether you could really have a touring hoiiday for the the price of a round of drinks. 

It would prove to be a fascinating experiment. The total bill for the bike, luggage, tools, spares, accessories, camping gear and cooking gear [excluding artillery] was £25.17.

Read the story of the ride and how to build a £10 touring bike here:


Belinda writes:

I have been in contact with Jeremy and he is willing to accommodate up to 8 well behaved ABC members in June from 2nd or 3rd June  for a week. He has space for 3 to 4 inside (I have secured my place) and 3 to 4 in a tent (s) in his garden. He did suggest if anymore wanted to come there are B&Bs locally.

If you are an old friend I am happy to co ordinate on a first come first serve basis and logistics nearer the time.  Mark H is willing to do rides. So far we have 3 takers myself Mark and John E . Contact me via text or email. [or reply here if you have neither]



Above - 'Les Gillets Jaune' in October 2018. Steve B may be making this an annual club event. Steve writes of his plan for this year:

Depart South Croydon 6th September 2019
Itinerary (noting dates/durations are flexible at this stage).

Day 1 - cycle South Croydon to Newhaven (approx 50 miles)
DFDS Ferry Newhaven to Dieppe - approx cost £30/person
Departs Newhaven at 18:00hrs
Arrives Dieppe at 21:00hrs
Cycle to B&B Hotel Dieppe approx. 2km from Dieppe Centre
Overnight stay in Twin Rooms - £35/person (single occupancy approx. £70/person

Day 2 (7/9/19) - cycle Dieppe to Gournay-en-Bray (part of Avenue Vert and side roads) approx. 65 miles
Cycle to Citodel Hotel St Aubin, Gournay-en-Bray
Overnight stay in Twin Rooms - £40/person (single occupancy approx. £80/person

Day 3 (8/9/19) - cycle Gournay-en-Bray to Paris (part of Avenue Vert and side roads) approx. 60 miles
Cycle to Campanile Paris Ouest (approx. 3km from city centre)
Two night stay in Twin Rooms - £40/person/night (single occupancy approx. £80/person/night

Day 4 - Day off in Paris site seeing etc....

Day 5 - Part day off in Paris and cycle to Gare du Nord for Eurostar trip back to St Pancras - note bicycles will have to travel back separately (details to be developed further).  Passenger cost for 15:00hrs train is £49/person.  Cycles approx. £35 to £55/cycle.

Alternative is cycle back to Dieppe (reverse of above or similar) and ferry back to Newhaven, then train back from there - I can explore this option is tourists wish.

If anyone is interested in the above tour or a variation of it, please let me know by close of play Monday 4th February 2019 as we will need to book early to get ferry and hotels booked up at the costs stated.  Those interested will need to pay a deposit for the ferry crossing, hotels and Eurostar - so that I can book all the options. [Again if you do not have Steve's details - reply here]



1949 was a special year and for a group of Anerley riders. That makes 2019 auspcious year for celebrating our birthdays with a 70 mile ride [and 'cos an 80 mile ride in 2029 might be a tad ambitious].

Selsey with its historic club connections is about the right distance. We might have a small imbibement and the completely senile might stay the night and ride back to make it a weekend. A return on the day train option is available.

I guess that will make the outbound a Saturday Ride. Younger (and older) riders are very welcome to help push us along.

When? It isn't fixed yet. That will depend on the one weekend when ALL the '49ers can make it. So far we have:

John E
Barrie F
Stuart G

Have I missed out on any other '49ers? Reply to this email if you qualify please.



Tom V and I had planned a ride to the National Cycle Museum in Llandridod Wells (possibly calling in to see Maggie in Bristol) and the returning via the Coventry Transport Musuem, Why? Both have a collection of Anerley Artifacts even older than the 49ers but probably in a better condition.

We had planned for September but this is getting a bit crowded so watch this space or let us know if you are interested.



Essential gear for Club Tourists. Last date for ordering kit is the end of the month (next Thursday). Full details, pricing and pics of our gear can be found in Bugle 368:


Only TWO WEEKS away - Saturday February 5th 6:30 for 7pm at Purley URF Hall. Reservations & dietary stuff to Viv pdq [or reply here]. Partners very welcome. £20 a head payable to Viv on the night.


Improve our group riding skills. Tuesday 5th March at 11:30 until 13:30. It's £15 a head. Check Bugle 368 for more info.
Reservations to Mark. Pay Mark on the day.


Got a Brompton, wanna borrow mine or hire one from their Croydon dock? Your chance to star in this uniqhe hard fought compeition. Its everything a road race is about plus a Le-Mans start, (run, unfold and mount), collar, tie and jacket mandatory and iis around the Mall. It isn't until August 3rd but the Ballot closes soon:



A very chilly week. Only the Thursdays managed to venture out for a quick Womble. Tims chimney themed report here:



Saturday 26th January:  Meet Shurguard / 501 Brighton Road 9.00am, Coulsdon PO 9.20am. Out via Farthing Down, Bletchingly and Outwood to Horne Golf Club for Tea. Return via NewChapel, Lingfield, Marden Park, then up the zig zag to The Wattenden Arms. 38 Miles 

Sunday 27th January: Meet Shurguard/501 Brighton Road at 09:30: Mark will be leading to Pondview cafe Otford. Lunch 11.30am. Pub stop optional back in Purley 14.30pm

Tuesday 29th January: 09:30 Shurguard/501 Brighton Road: Tom fast to High Elms
Tuesday 29th January: 10:00 Shurguard/501 Brighton Road: Sally relaxed to High Elms

Thursday 31st January: Meet Shurguard at 10:00 am. 
Destination: tba 



Frank brought to my notice some kerfuffle last week in Westminster over our March 29th plan to celebrate/commiserate by staying in Europe for an extra couple of days on a fun mini-tour.

So we must look to Plan B. I shall be listening to the leaders of our other rides to find a way forward. However, I am aware of their entrenched positions which cross my red lines:

The Tuesdays demand the soft option. An easy customised ride along the Pas de Calais to a cafe for beaucoup de gateaux with Jeremy.

The Thursdays will not compromise on the hard option: Paris Roubaix Sportive  (139km) route designed for maximum discomfort. The Forest of Arenberg section is 2.4km of horrendously uneven cobbles. Led by Boris on a boneshaker.

The Sundays will go for the Norwegian option: Further but more relaxed with views to die for. Problem is we can't find a leader.

The Saturdays will go for Remain: Why leave the Wattenden Arms when you won't get a better deal on a pint, a packet of crisps and a big kiss from Anna Soubry?

Or a Referendum? Votes on the back of a 50 euro note to Frank please.


Happy Cycling!