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Friday 11th January 2019
Crash Edition



“The pain you feel today is the strength you’ll feel tomorrow.” - anon



Me! - An unscheduled dismount was the main event of last Sunday's Ride.  Nobody knows why but I bit the tarmac on Nash Lane, Keston.  Bruises all up the right, a scrape on the head and a spectacular black eye inflicted by the frame of my Lidl safety glasses. Not even a mark on them or the bike.

I was in shock but Tom and the crew brought be back to life and shepherded me to a rather nice cafe in Coney Hall. Two mugs of tea @ 80p each was great value and returned sense and sensibility to the wreck. Recommended!

Took the train home. Recovering just fine. Thank you to all who helped and expressed concern. Hope to be on Tim's Tuesday ride next week.

As a postscript Tom is a qualified first aider and knew what to do. That was lucky for me. It would be good to know of everybody in the club who is qualified in first aid. So if you are not known to Tom or Mark - do it now.



This is the ghost white bike memorial to Eilidh Cairns who was not as lucky and was killed just ten years ago

Eilidh died on the 5th February 2009 after being hit from behind by a fully laden tipper truck driven by Mr Joao Lopes, and dragged and crushed by its wheels.

She had left her home at Kingswear Road, near Hampstead Heath, and cycled her usual 10mile route to Chiswick. She had been cycling this route for over 2 years, and was a fit and experienced cyclist, well aware of the dangers of HGVs. Eilidh was struck at 8:56am, just as she approached a pedestrian crossing on a two-lane one-way road in Notting Hill Gate. She lay pinned by the wheels, fully conscious, and asking passers by to ‘please help me, please help me’. Low cloud on the day prevented the helicopter dispatch, and Eilidh was eventually taken by ambulance to the Royal London Hospital, where, despite the best endeavours of a team of trauma specialists, she died at 10.48am.

If that was not horrible enough - worse was to follow ...

The only charges driver Lopes ever faced in connection with Eilidh’s death related to driving with uncorrected defective vision. The police tested his eyes three months after the crash, and only at the request of Eilidh’s family. He received three points on his license, and a £200 fine.

Sixteen months later, Lopes ran over Nora Gutmann, a 93 year old fit and active woman on a zebra crossing at Marylebone. Lopes was not wearing his glasses at the time. Tampering of his tachograph, the device which records the speed, distance and hours driven, had also taken place. Only at this point did the police re-open the investigation into the death of Eilidh. Lopes was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment, and disqualified from driving for 6 years, for the death of Nora. There was still no charge in relation to the death of Eilidh.

Taken from:


Edith and I had no time to do anything. But you might. got an expert stuntman to look at the four most common types of crashes and how best to mitigate your fall to earth:

1. The 'over the bars' crash
2. The high side after a slide
3. The low side during a slide
4. The unable to uncleat sack of spuds topple 

The full monty is here:



It's just FOUR weeks until the Club Dinner.

6:30 for 7pm Saturday 9th February at the United Reform Church Hall, Purley.

Bring your own drinks, partner and raffle prize (sadly the latter two cannot be combined). New members especially welcome. The cost is a subsidised £20 per head. A great place to meet your friends in mufti and watch the great gong show. You might even get one!

Reply here or direct to Social Secretary Viv. Money to George.



Capt'n Mark writes:

I would like as many riders as possible to have a go at riding the track. It will improve everyone's group riding skill. We will have 2 coaches from Herne Hill teaching us.Its on the Tuesday the 5th of March at 11.30am to 13.30pm £15 each.

What you need to bring a helmet without a peak, gloves, bike pedals that fit your cycling shoes.Herne Hill have bikes to use. Anyone who has an adjustable spanner can they bring that too.

You may want to bring a packed lunch they have coffee and tea there. We need 22 riders if you have already ridden track you will be a reserve at first. Pay George for your place.


Saturday 5th January: No official ride due to cold weather but Roger and Karen ventured out for a quick 40 miles via Lingfield.

Sunday 6th January: Five out via Selsdon Park Hotel Furleigh to incident at Nash Lane, Coney Hall, Hayes ....

Tuesday 8th January: Biggin Hill. No report apart from Frank going his own way!



Saturday 12th January:  Meet Shurguard/501 Brighton Road at 09.00 Coulsdon PO 9:20:  Out via Chipstead Valley, Kingswood and down Boxhill, then on to Henfold Lakes for Tea.Return via Newdigate, Leigh, Redhill, Pub stop the Harrow on the Hill. 43 Miles

Sunday 13th January: Meet Shurguard/501 Brighton Road at 09:30: Tom or Mark will be leading to Brockett's Farm. Lunch 11.30am. Pub stop optional back in Purley 14.30pm.

Tuesday 15th January: 09:30 Shurguard/501 Brighton Road: Tom fast to Priory Park, Reigate.
Tuesday 15th January: 10:00 Shurguard/501 Brighton Road: Tim relaxed to Priory Park, Reigate. Tim has added this info:
Distance: 36 miles. Picking up at Coulsdon Post Office.
OUTWARD LEG (23 MILES): Purley -  Coulsdon - Netherene-on the Hill - Down Shephard Hill - Bletchingly - Outwood - Earlswood Common / Woodhatch - South Park - Reigate, Priory Park, Pistachios Cafe
HOMEWARD LEG (13 MILES): Merstham - A23 as far as beginning of the dual carriageway, left up Harps Oak
Lane, (or, for those brave enough, A23 back to Coulsdon) - Chipstead - Coulsdon - Purley - Shurguard

Thursday 17th January: Meet Shurguard at 10:00 am. Barry/Mark heading somewhere?



The one above broke on the last Veteran Car Run and  was around 80 years old. Make your bike chain last as long as Des. This week he shares this link (oops!):

Happy Cycling!